Larry Willis, Founder of Willis Fence Co.
Larry K. Willis, Founder
Larry K. Willis, founder of Willis Fence Company was born in Evansville, Indiana where he graduated from Benjamin Bosse High School
before serving our nation in the United States Navy aboard the USS John King (DDG-3). He was a husband and father who was active in
church and community. Larry championed the fence industry through his leadership in the International Fence Industry Association and
American Fence Association where he served as Indiana/Kentucky president. In 2011, along with his sons, Larry helped Willis Fence Co
become a founding member of the North American Fence Contractors Association.

Larry believed in healthy competition. When an attempt was made to gain Larry's support to include fence builders in the licensing
process where established contractors would be grand-fathered in but new contractors would be forced to pass rigorous testing, it was
Larry Willis that took a stand to stop the measure stating, "If there was licensing in 1972, I would not have started my company. It is not
right to inhibit a person from following their dreams of business ownership." The measure was dropped and to this day there is no
licensing requirements for fence contractors in Evansville.  

Larry believed that giving back to the community was both a duty and a responsibility. He was always learning, always listening, and
always available to share his resources, time, and knowledge. Over the years he gained the respect of many and was often sought out for
advice. In the years before his death, it seemed that nearly everyday someone stopped in for a discussion on this or that topic. Southern
Indiana and cities across the United States of America are filled with a long list of entrepreneurs and others that Larry encouraged.

When Larry died, Willis Fence lost an incredible reservoir of knowledge, commitment, experience, and strength. The core values that
make Willis Fence a great company to contract with and work for, however, remain forever ingrained in its corporate DNA. This is in large
part due to the genuine encouragement and clear vision Larry instilled in those with whom he surrounded himself. All of us at Willis Fence
including new hires following Larry's passing are aware that there is something special about being part of this organization. It may not
readily translate into words, but core attributes that define Willis Fence permeate company culture to an extent that, possibly, Larry
himself could never have imagined.

Larry Willis was our company founder, my firm, but loving father, and a trusted friend whom I miss deeply. He left this life unexpectedly
and long before anyone was ready, but in his days on this earth he endeavored to live a life which makes me proud to call him Pop.

From the Heart,

Ronald A. Willis
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